Health Care News


Health Care News The Alberta Government has released its 2019 budget and it contains many announcements that impact the health of Albertans. Overall, the 2019-20 revenues are projected at $50.01 [...]

Health Care News2020-09-08T12:13:35-06:00

Fall Session Impact


Fall Session Impact I’m sure I am not alone in finding it was a challenge to stay on top of all the Government changes during the Fall session [...]

Fall Session Impact2020-09-08T12:09:37-06:00

AHS Review


AHS Review I am sure you have seen the announcement of the AHS Review results.  I have waded through some of the report but not all at this [...]

AHS Review2020-09-08T12:06:52-06:00

COVID-19 Supports


COVID-19 Supports I hope this message finds you healthy and coping with our COVID-19 pandemic. The most complete source of COVID-19 updates can be found on the Alberta [...]

COVID-19 Supports2020-09-08T12:05:52-06:00

Advocacy Work during the Pandemic


Advocacy Work during the Pandemic I hope this update finds you in good health and adapting to our new normal.  It sure sounds like we are going to [...]

Advocacy Work during the Pandemic2020-09-08T12:03:17-06:00

Access to Care Changes during the Pandemic


Access to Care Changes during the Pandemic Alberta’s Re-Launch plan was announced last week. You can find guides to help small businesses maintain public orders here.  As Alberta [...]

Access to Care Changes during the Pandemic2020-09-08T12:00:23-06:00

Opening the Doors


Opening the Doors I continue to watch all of the Alberta government COVID-19 briefings as well as the federal government ones.  As businesses begin to open up, I [...]

Opening the Doors2020-09-08T11:58:36-06:00