The Health Coalition of Alberta has identified four strategic priority areas which support the Society’s efforts to achieve our vision of “the best people-centered health care for all Albertans.”

These priority strategic areas are:

  • Advocacy and public policy development
  • Communications & public awareness
  • Organizational capacity building
  • Financial Sustainability

Through ongoing consultation with our membership, the Board of Directors develop and oversee the delivery of a long-term strategic plan to guide the activities of the Health Coalition of Alberta in support of our mandate. For each of the priority areas, the goals, objectives and outcomes have been identified. The Board of Directors also approve an annual tactical plan that outlines specific actions to support the strategic plan.

2021 sees the development of the Health Coalition of Alberta’s next five-year strategic plan. Members are encouraged to provide feedback on issues and considerations for assessment.

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Advocacy and public policy development goals

Effectively champion for access to quality health care for all Albertans

Advocate to engage stakeholders in health policy development.

Active engagement of membership and stakeholders to support the patient voice.

Promote culture change within the health system to support Patient and Family Centered Care.

Communications & public awareness goals

Enhance the patient voice through innovative communication strategies.

Increase public awareness and support for equitable access to health care.

Organizational capacity building goals

Strengthen the organization through membership growth and strong leadership.

Develop administrative capacity and infrastructure.

Financial Sustainability goals

Achieve operational and financial stability.

Diversify and stabilize funding Coalition.