The Health Coalition of Alberta develops political outreach campaigns prior to each provincial and federal election. Materials are developed to support building awareness of our members key issues, provide resources, expertise and training.

Political, government and stakeholder outreach are all key components for each of our advocacy priorities. We frequently write to and meet with key leaders to discuss issues that impact patient health and the Coalition’s mandate. Topics include continuing care, patient input into medication funding decisions, patient choice of treatment options, relational care model for healthcare delivery, etc.

We also develop political and government outreach campaigns to ensure MLAs understand our advocacy priorities and our recommendations. Members attend meetings along with our staff and a Board of Directors member.

Examples of the types of documents we develop and submit include:

  • Access to Care submission to the Alberta Health Services Review
  • Pre-budget submissions to the Alberta Government
  • PMPRB Guidelines Consultation
  • Fair Deal Panel submission about the impact of national pharmacare for Albertans
  • Patient input on access to biologics and biosimilars
  • RAPID program revamp recommendations

The Red Tape Reduction submission process is one that is open to all Albertans. The Government of Alberta encourages us to provide feedback on ways they can reduce red tape but also suggestions for cost savings and system improvements. If you would like to provide comment directly to government you can do so here

We will continue to work with MLAs on these recommendations. Please contact if you want to become involved.